Homework must be set in accordance with the published homework schedule.

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Sixth Form

Up to 5 hours homework may be set each week in each A level. It is standard practice to give students a full week to complete it, but shorter and more time-bound pieces may be appropriate in the initial weeks. If you intend to set a longer piece over multiple weeks, please discuss this with the Head of Sixth Form.

Upper and Middle Years

A homework schedule is published in the Almanack detailing which homeworks are to be set, and how long they should take.

Lower Years

Year 1 will be set a maximum of 20 minutes per night.
Year 2 is set a maximum of 25 minutes per night.
Year 3 is set a maximum of 30 minutes per night.
Year 4 pupils will have homework for two subject areas. The total time spent will not exceed 40 minutes per night.

All pupils should record homework tasks in their Almanack.

Homework should generally be well defined tasks which can be completed with the published timeframe in a single sitting. Though occasionally it may be appropriate to set a longer project over several weeks. Homework must always be a useful, relevant task on subject which has been taught that week with enough scope to stretch the more able students; it should not consist of merely repetitive tasks.

All homework is marked (or assessed in the case of a learning homework) and returned to the student within a week of the due date, preferably sooner.

Marking includes the highlighting and, where appropriate, correction of mistakes.

Holiday Homework

We do not in general set holiday homework, except in the following circumstances