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Year 9 Mosaic Project

Inspired by patterns in science and nature, our Year 9 students have spent the last few weeks taking their colour knowledge and applying it in their designs for mosaic motifs. […]

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Middle Years Adventure at Avon Tyrrell

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Over eighty Middle Years students, from Years 5-8, travelled to the New Forest to take part in the first HCH Middle Years Adventure at Avon Tyrrell outdoor centre. The residential […]

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‘And it snowed!’ photogallery

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Photogallery from Headlines No. 2 Atmospheric photos of Hampton Court House’s garden by Agnesa Tothova

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HCH made The Beatles4Ever Fab!

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Good morrow, Just the very briefest of notes to all those from Hampton Court House who helped Phill Marshall and the Beatles4Ever to make such a memorable evening at the […]

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‘The Case’ – short film by Year 10 students

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On Wednesday 21st May, Year 10 embarked on a fantastic day with an expert cinematographer tutor Miko Jaroszewicz best known for his cinematography on the Bafta-nominated and Oscar-winning animated production […]

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