Dress Code

Students during a break in the Main Hall at HCH.

We do not have a school uniform because we believe that learning to dress appropriately is an essential part of a well-rounded education. We hope that our children will develop a sense of style that suits them, is appropriate for their environment or occasion, and prepares them well for professional life. To that end we have a dress code which we believe sets an appropriate tone without being too prescriptive. We expect students to stick to the spirit rather than the letter of the ‘rules’.

Guidelines for School Dress and Appearance

Trousers and Jeans

Denim may only be worn in classic colours: navy or black and not in faded, worn or shabby condition. Jeans must not be low-slung or slouch style. Pupils may wear smart, well-cut trousers in other materials (preferably natural such as cotton or wool). Girls may also wear trousers.

Skirts and Dresses

We prefer HCH girls to wear trousers or dark, simple, good quality skirts with blouses. Luridly coloured, skimpy or showy dresses or skirts may not be worn. Skirts or dresses should not be so short as to be inappropriate for school.

Shirts, Blouses and Jackets

Pupils should wear smart shirts or blouses. Boys’ shirts must be collared and should be long-sleeved. We encourage boys to wear a casual blazer or sports jacket.

Jumpers and Pullovers

Boys and girls must have a woollen pullover or cardigan of V-neck, crew or polo neck design. We prefer darker, more muted colours. Sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts must not be worn.

Socks and Tights

In warm weather, girls wearing sensibly cut dresses or skirts need not wear tights. Tight-fitting ‘leggings’ are considered as tights and must be worn beneath a long tunic of adequate length. Tights may not be laddered nor have holes.


Pupils in Years 5 and above may not wear shorts to school.


Boys must wear leather loafers or lace-ups to school; girls must wear lace-ups, slip-on shoes, or appropriate boots (not Doc Martin style).
All footwear must be dark in colour: brown, black or navy. Shoes may have white soles, so long as shoe is clean and in good repair.

Jewellery, Make-Up and Hair

Girls in Year 9 and above may wear subtle, discreet make-up and some unobtrusive items of jewellery (which they bring at their own risk). Girls may wear studs, but boys are not permitted to attend school with studs or earrings. Pupils may in no circumstances attend school with visible nail varnish.

The hair of all HCH pupils must be brushed and worn in a becoming and sensible fashion – eyes and faces should be on view. Students with long hair are asked to tie it back. Discreet highlighting in natural colours is not encouraged but will be overlooked. Wholesale dyeing or bleaching of hair is not permitted, nor are excessively long or short haircuts. Pupils may not attend school with shaven heads.

Sports Kit

All students must have appropriate kit for Sports.

Years 5 and above

Branded HCH sportswear supplied by SPS consists of:

Years 1–4

Branded HCH sportswear supplied by SPS consists of:

Nursery and Reception are not required to have the branded kit, but are expected to wear something equivalent for sport.

All students also need a pair of indoor trainers and a pair of outdoor trainers. Students should come to school dressed in their kit on days in which they have sport.

For sports kit orders and in the case of any other queries pertaining to the sports kit, please contact email sportskit@hchnet.co.uk.

Swimming Kit

On Tuesdays pupils will need an appropriate swimsuit, googles, a towel, and a swimming cap (which is compulsory).

Ballet Kit

Pupils will need to bring their ballet kit on the appropriate day and will change for the lesson.
Please ensure that all items of clothing, including shoes, are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

All students also need a pair of indoor trainers and a pair of outdoor trainers, and boys will require a pair of football boots.
Students should come to school dressed in their kit on days in which they have sport.

Hampton Court House prides itself on not having a uniform. Students who turn up unsuitably dressed or presented (skimpy skirts, ‘hot pants’, hoodies etc) will not be admitted to lessons and will be asked to return home to change.