The School Day

Morning registration closes at 8.40 am. After the morning standing assembly in the Main Hall for the Upper and Middle Years the first lesson starts promptly at 8.50 am.

Lessons finish at 4 pm for the Upper and Middle Years.
The Lower Years finish at 4 pm Monday – Thursday and at 3.15 pm on Friday.
The Early Years finish at 3.15 pm but children with older siblings are looked after by the school until 4 pm.
Sixth Form lessons begin at 1.35 pm (Period 5) and finish at 7 pm. Form Seven lectures, open to parents and members of the public, continue into the evening.

The lunch break begins at 11.45 am for the children in Nursery and Reception, at 12 pm for Years 1 – 4 and at 12.20 pm for pupils in Years 5 – 11. Sixth Formers may go to lunch at 12.10 pm.
Instrumental and chess tuition will continue throughout the lunch break along with sports clubs, choir practice and some curriculum enhancement activities. This time is used by many pupils for work in the Computer Suite, private study or reading in the library, lunchtime sports activities, lunchtime clubs and clinics, playing chess or other board games or for simply being with friends.

After lunch the Middle and Upper Years have either an Assembly in the Main Hall or Lifeskills with their Form Tutors.
After school clubs run throughout the year, generally finishing around 5.15 pm.