Sharing Information with Parents

Pastoral care is central to the life and work of the School and good communication with parents is central to the effectiveness of that care. Communication takes place on a regular basis between parents, subject teachers and form teachers. The Headmaster is also accessible and afternoon appointments can often be made at short notice.


The majority of all correspondence will be emailed to all parents. Currently we are able to hold up to three email addresses for each student/family and we do follow up on mail returned to us. As we rely on email, should your email address change, it is essential that you advise us as soon as possible.

Please advise reception of any change to contact details; addresses, email or telephone numbers.

Some letters will still be sent by post or via your son or daughter.


The School’s website is frequently updated with news about school activities and upcoming events. The School’s news is published online and submissions can be made by staff, students or parents. The Early Years have their own newsletters, which are archived on the website. Letters to parents are also archived on the school’s website. A relevant selection of school policies is available for your reference.

The Almanack

The Almanack is produced every term and includes a lot of key information, as well as the termly diary. Older students are expected to record their homework assignments in their Almanack, whereas the teachers of younger students use the Almanack as a reading record and to send messages home. We ask that parents of children in Year 6 and below check their Almanack each day.

School Reports

The schedule of parents’ evenings is available here.

School reports are sent by email. If you require a hard copy report sent by post, please inform reception.

Grade Cards are sent out to parents and guardians of all students at half term by email over the holiday. If you don’t receive this, please ensure contact reception to ensure our email addresses are up-to-date.