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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

St Catharine’s School vs HCH

A team

A Team
Maya, Sabrina, Grace, Saule, Mimi, Ava, Lottie, Clarissa
St Catherine’s A v HCH A 5-0


B Team

B Team
Steph, Scarlett, Meg, Coco, Isabelle, Cassandra, Romane, Bessie, Alisa
St Catherine’s B v HCH B 9-1


It took both the A and the B teams a while to get into their games, with this being the first game many of the girls had played. The teams displayed good skills but lacked with experience of game play, which will come with time. There were notable performance from Grace in the A team and Bessie in the B team both displaying strong determination.
Well done girls!