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Some views on the DELF from pupils and parents

It was my first public – I found it interesting because you can find out how good you really are at French and what level you are at. It also helps get into a French University. I felt proud to have achieved the first level and I am ready now to try the next one.

(Clarissa Year 7 ) 

It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to gain a recognized French Exam, alongside the traditional GCSE and GCE exams.  It also reflects the high level of language attainment that Hampton Court House enables students to reach.

 (mother of a year 7 pupil) 


It could help me get small part time jobs when I grow a bit older to  pay for my future needs for example college and university and using those working experience in my CV to get bigger jobs to pay for a house, a car and my bills. So that is why I wanted to take the DELF exam and I knew it was a great opportunity to do it at such a young age and it was a great pressure as well as a great time going through the process.

(Shen Year 7)


Isabella has been part of the intense French teaching since starting at Hampton Court House. She has gone for strength to strength and so this seemed the obvious next step.  She was very excited by taking the DELF – it was part of the school day and so was no extra stress or worry. The children had been prepared perfectly, so much so that there was no last minute cramming. She thoroughly enjoyed taking the DELF and we look forward to the next one.

(mother of a year 6 pupil) 


Having the opportunity to study French in such depth at Hampton Court House has filled my daughter full of confidence for the language.  She seems inspired by the fact that she is taking a proper French qualification that will perhaps in later years give her the opportunity to study at either a French or Canadian university!

(parents of a Year 7 pupil)


I took the exam because I have been doing French for a long time and I wanted to have something that represents my skills and my efforts. I am very happy with my result and I can’t wait to take the A2!

Scarlett (Year 7)