What is special about our Sixth Form?

A later start to the day.
Recent research shows that older teenagers are physiologically better suited to a later start to the day. They are at their most alert and receptive in the afternoon. The same cannot always be said for the traditional 8.30 am start to the day. A level classes will run from 1.30 pm until 7 pm, with a break at 4 pm.

We combine the best of the tutorial college and of the traditional school.
As at a tutorial college, we will be offering small classes – with a high level of individual attention and pastoral support.
As a member of Hampton Court House, you will be part of a supportive community and able to contribute to that community.

Exam results are very important to your future and we will work together to get the best possible results for you.
Highly qualified teachers will help you to learn and understand the subject-matter of the curriculum. The very small class sizes will ensure that your lessons are tailored to you and that you receive individual support. You will be guided in exam technique in order to know exactly what your examiner is looking for in your answers. You will also have a pastoral tutor who will oversee your progress as a whole.

More than just exam results.
An essential component of the Sixth Form experience is our Communication Skills programme which comprises modules in self-awareness, self-management, presentation, voice coaching, time management and productivity skills, as well as exercises in advanced communication skills, both written and spoken, interview practice, public speaking and media training (including preparation for radio and TV interviews).
You will leave HCH with the ability both to write effectively and to be confident when speaking in public.

Hampton Court House provides world class individual music tuition, from internationally-recognised musicians and performers.
If you opt to have additional individual music lessons, our Director of Music expects strong commitment from both her students and her teachers. All of our teachers are successful performing professionals in their own right.

Higher education & careers advice
Senior staff at HCH are experienced in advising pupils and will help you to find the best Higher Education path for you to follow, be that to a Russell Group university or to a leading art college. The senior leaders have over twenty years’ experience in overseeing the entry process at Oxford and Cambridge and will advise on what different universities are seeking.

How do I find out more about studying at HCH?

You are invited to attend our Open Evenings and Individual Tours.
You can arrange a visit online or by telephoning the Head of Admissions, Natalie Barker, on 020 8614 0857.

How many subjects can I study at HCH?

The A level system in the UK is currently under review, but our expectation is that you will be studying four A levels in Year 12. In Year 13 you may be continuing all four subjects or choose to continue only three; we will help you make the right decision.

How many hours a week will I study?

In Year 12 each A level subject will be allocated six 45 minute periods of teaching, usually arranged as two double periods and two singles. In addition to this, students will be expected to dedicate around five hours a week to each subject, some of which will be made up of the six periods of supervised private study included in each student’s thirty-period week.

In addition to the formal tuition, all Sixth Form students follow the Communication Skills programme.

Which A levels can I study at HCH?

English Literature Biology Mathematics
French Chemistry Further Maths
Spanish Physics Geography
Art Computing History
Photography Economics Psychology

We offer the A levels most sought after by universities. They are based on the list of ‘facilitating subjects’ in the Informed Choices report,, created by the Russell Group of leading universities. These subjects are recommended by the top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, because they give you excellent preparation for further study at these world-class universities.

We cannot guarantee that any particular combination of these A level subjects will be possible, but will do our best to accommodate everybody’s choices.

Is there more to studying at HCH than the A Level courses?

We believe in taking the subjects beyond the limits of A level. Students will be encouraged to read round their subjects and to enter competitions and Olympiads. There will be outside speakers brought in and trips out arranged. Individual research will be encouraged and supported. There will be prizes available to recognise exceptional achievements.

With the later start, can I stay in bed until lunch time?

As an A level student you have a lot of individual work to do out of lesson time. The later start to lessons is to allow you to find the balance that works for you. We expect that this will mean doing much of your prep work in the morning.

What extra-curricular activities are available?

A wide programme of extra-curricular activities is avaliable throughout the school, including the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Young Enterprise. Performers will find plenty of opportunities in the school through our drama galas and music concerts. Hampton Court House is also well served by local tennis clubs, sports clubs and Kingston’s Rose Youth Theatre (for 16-19 year olds). It is our intention that the shape of your week enables you to invest time in your preferred extra-curricular activities, either in or out of school.

How do I get to HCH?

Hampton Court Station is just a few minutes’ walk across the green and the bridge, and connects to Waterloo via Surbiton, Wimbledon and Clapham Junction.
There are also frequent buses from Kingston, Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington and Hampton. Location and transport options ?

Is there a uniform?

HCH does not have a uniform as we feel it is important that young people learn to dress appropriately for different situations. We do have a dress code for guidance.

Can I have lunch in school?

You are welcome to sign up for the cooked lunches which are served at noon in the conservatory.


Admission to the Sixth Form will be decided by interview and based on character and academic references from your previous school. The offer will be conditional on good grades achieved at GCSE. The grade offer will be a minimum of at least six grades of 7 or higher with the highest grades required in particular subjects in order to study those subjects at A level.


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