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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

Sixth form pupils enjoy inspirational talks during Careers Week

Years 12 and 13 enjoyed their final careers talk from Peter McCarthy-Ward, a retired telecommunications professional who now lectures at UCL. Peter brought to life some of the A level economic theory that they have been studying with his honest and amusing observations about working in the public sector as a senior civil servant, and in the private sector as a manager at BT.
As well as Peter, students have had the opportunity to meet with a range of speakers over the past two weeks from professions as diverse as film, journalism, sports science, engineering, genomics, computing and finance. The overarching messages of being open to opportunity, working hard and developing softer skills alongside their academic qualifications were clear to students, who engaged incredibly positively with all of the speakers, showing real interest and asking thoughtful questions throughout.
In an ever changing world of work, it was an an inspiring message for our students that while they may not accurately predict their paths through it, they could work to maximise their adaptability and ability to face these changes positively.