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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Science Week 2020 Day 2- Bubbles, Our Brains and Big Reactions

It is day 2 of Science Week and our students have been enthralled by some fantastic talks, workshops and practical demonstrations.
Year 5 pupils from local primary schools joined HCH pupils from years 5,6 and 9 for an inspiring practical demonstration, led by Dr Thomas McCarthy Ward entitled “The Magic of Science”. Thomas demonstrated captivating experiments to show how we see, hear and touch chemical reactions. Some reactions may be quite small while others are much larger and in some cases, explosive!

Pupils in Year 2 took part in a practical bubble-making workshop in the grounds of the school. All of our lower years pupils will have the chance to take part in a bubble-making workshop during their science lessons this week.

And finally, our older students had a special assembly today on the topic of metacognition led by our Psychology teacher Laraib and Katherine Lee.