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The Science Museum

Two articles by Year 6 students

Einstein’s Theory Explained

By Gully Y6

Of all the Activity Days I have had, this one was most definitely the best. The moment we entered the building I was struck by the excitement in all the children’s eyes as they were waiting to be mesmerized by the wonderful exhibition.

We were given twenty minutes to enjoy every exhibition we went to; half of us were calmly sauntering about while the other half were frantically jotting down information into their books. The thing I was truly dazzled by was the Hadron Collider and the sheer size of it at the size of 27 kilometres; another one was the fact of having one of Albert Einstein’s most famous theories finally explained to me. I have found out there is so much more to uncover there, so I am planning on going there again in the Christmas Holidays.

World of Science

By Imogen Y6

We approached the colossal door in awe. Excited chatter broke out as we bustled downstairs. Everyone turned the corner and gazed at the magical world around. “20 minutes, Year 6”, Daniela cried.

Suddenly the museum was bombarded with a crowd of noisy children. There was so much to see, we were captivated by everything. We sucked up the information around us like sponges.

I felt threatened because science flowed everywhere. As we sauntered upstairs, we arrived at my favourite part: The CERN Exhibition. Instead of paint on the walls, equations on CERN streaked everywhere like a foreign language. At this point, there was no stomping on the floor, no chattering children, but young scientists falling into the world of science.

After lunch, our minds churned the information round and round like a windmill on a blustery day. We went to the history of maths department and found old counting machines and abacuses. There were a lot of 3D shapes such as cubes, decagons, hexagons and pyramids.

To finish the trip off we watched a video on the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson. We watched trains chug along on their tracks.
We started out as a rabble of noisy schoolchildren and came out as young scientists inspired to change the world.