GCSE Results 2017

Congratulations to the class of 2017 for our best results to date. Precisely 40% of the GCSE results were A*. Nationally around 7% of grades are A* so this is a huge achievement for the students.

Our A*-C pass rate in GCSE has risen to 94%, whilst the national average has dropped to 66%, and the percentage of higher grades at HCH has risen significantly to 89% A*-B, compared to the national average of 42%, and 66% achieved the top A* and A grades compared to 20% nationally.

The maths and English departments are pleased to announce that 100% of our Y11 students passed with an A*-C grade both maths and English language. In fact, 100% of the grades were A*-B in both English language and literature, with maths following close behind with only one C. 61% of English literature grades were A* compared to 7.8% nationally. 79% of students achieved the A* and A grades in English language, compared to the national average of 13.6%, and 74% of students achieved the A* and A grades in mathematics, compared to the national average of only 15.5%.

Languages remain a great strength at Hampton Court House; with 100% A*-A in both French and Latin. 91% of the grades in French were A*, and 72% of the Spanish grades were A*.

Science is also celebrating an excellent year with 97% A*-B including 100% A*-A in Biology and 42% A* overall.

47% of Year 11 received 8 or more A and A* grades. With so many excellent results it is difficult to highlight just a few, but particular mentions should go to:

  • Gerard, for achieving nine A* grades;
  • Ava, Anais, Rahman and Inigo for seven A* grades each;
  • Danial and Adrian both have six A* grades and three A grades.
  • We are delighted that so many of Year 11 are staying to take their A level in our Sixth Form.

    A level and AS Results 2017

    I am delighted to be able to announce our first complete set of A level results, and that the majority of our students will be going to their first-choice universities. We wish them all well and hope they visit again soon to tell us all about their experiences.

    A level results come in two standards, the A2 is the full A level, usually taken at the end of Y13 and the AS level which is half an A level taken in either Y12 or Y13.

    21% of all the A2 results achieved this year were A* grades. The national average was 8.3%.

    All of the students achieved passing grades in the A2, and including the results that were taken early, 33% of the A2 grades were A*-A, significantly better than the national average of 26.3% and 67% were A*-B grades, substantially above the national average of 53.1%.

    Across the languages 83% of the A2 and AS results were A*-A this year, and the Art and Photography department is celebrating 100% A*-A at both A2 and AS levels.

    Economics, introduced this year, has made a strong start with 50% of the students getting A grades in the AS level. Please note that there is no A* grade at AS level.

    The Year 11s also have good reason to start the celebrations a week early with 63% of the students getting an A grade in the Additional Maths qualification. Like the AS level, there is no A* grade in this qualification.
    And on that note, I will sign off in optimistic anticipation of next week’s GCSE results.


    Jon W L HindMA (Cantab) NPQSL
    • Deputy Head