GCSE Results 2018

This year the majority of grades are on the new 9-1 scale, where 4 is a ‘pass’, 5 is a ‘good pass’, and 7 is what would have been an A. There are two higher grades than the 7, with only 4.3% of grades awarded nationally being 9.

The trend of ever improving results at HCH has continued through these changes with a higher proportion than ever before getting A grades or equivalent. 72% of the GCSE results were A*/9-8 and 85% were A/7 or better. Nationally only 10.5% of grades were A*/9-8 and 20.5% were A/7 or better.

The maths and English departments are pleased to announce that 100% of our Y11 students passed with an 9-6 grade both maths and English language. In fact, in mathematics 82% achieved a grade of either 8 or 9 and in English language it was 91%. To put this into context only 8.3% nationally achieved 8 or 9 in mathematics, and for English language that figure was a mere 6.1%.

A number of subjects are celebrating 100% A*-A, or 9-7 on the new scale: English language, Spanish, dual award science and all three separate sciences. This includes the particularly impressive clean sweep of 9 grades in biology.

73% of Year 11 achieved 8 or more A*-A / 9-7 including one student who achieved A*/9 in all ten of her subjects making her one of only 732 pupils across England who scored a clean sweep of top 9 grades in all their GCSE subjects.

On top of the results achieved by Year 11 mentioned above, nine students from other years were taking a GCSE early and the all attained the highest grade possible.

With so many excellent results it is difficult to highlight just a few, but particular mentions should go to:

  • Alice, for achieving ten A*/9 grades;
  • Alisa, for achieving ten A*-A/9-8 grades;
  • Bessie, Ayrton, and Jayden, for achieving eight A*-A/9-8 grades each;
  • Christabel, Romane, and Grace, for achieving eight A*-A/9-7 grades each.
  • I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating all the students who took GCSE exams this year. We are immensely proud of them and they well-deserve these fantastic results.

    A level and AS Results 2018

    I am delighted to be able to announce this year’s A level results have seen a significant increase in the proportion of A and B grades, and nearly all of our students will be going to their first-choice universities. We wish them all well and hope they visit again soon to tell us all about their experiences.

    A level results come in two standards. The A2 is the full A level, usually taken at the end of Y13, and the AS level which is half an A level taken in either Y12 or Y13.

    All of the students achieved passing grades in the A2. 51% of the A2 grades were A*-A, significantly better than the national average of 26.2% and 76% were A*-B grades, substantially above the national average of 52.7%. Nearly half of students in Y13 got straight A*-A at A2 level.

    History, Economics, and Further Maths are all celebrating 100% A*-A.

    The Y12s have made an excellent start to their Sixth Form years. At AS Level 54% of the grades were A grades (please note that there is no A* grade at AS level) nearly twice the national average of 27.5%, and 85% were A*-B grades whilst the national average was 47.0%.

    Congratulations have to go in particular to the following students in Y13 who achieved straight A*-A at A2 level.


    Jon W L HindMA (Cantab) NPQSL
    • Director of Outreach