Integral to our curriculum is a wide range of educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom door. The Hampton Court House curriculum offers a series of educational journeys that deepen the students’ understanding of the world around them. Trips extend students’ knowledge of past and present. We encourage international travel even at the youngest age, by inviting parents to join us on trips to France with their young children. Our experience is that students forge strong bonds of friendship during the trips, and their respect for one another grows as a result of sharing the experiences.

Ben Ruddin, is responsible for facilitating these opportunities and ensuring they are accessible to all.

Ben Ruddin

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Survival Skills Weekend with Polaris Outdoor

In preparation for the Arctic Expedition in February, 15 HCH students went on a Survival Skills trip with Polaris Outdoor. They learned how to build shelters using only the resources they could find in the woods around them, how to light a fire, how to safely use a knife to carve tools, bake their own... bannock bread over the fire, and how to forage for resources and food. They also built resilience in the wet and cold weather and dealt with a few setbacks!

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KS3 film trip to French Institute

On Friday 3rd December, Years 7-9 went on a French Trip to the French Institute to watch a French film called ‘Fahim’. Here is the plot of the movie:

Forced to flee his native Bangladesh, eight-year old chess prodigy Fahim arrives in Paris with his father. Refused asylum as illegal immigrants, they... spiral downwards into homelessness and desperation. By a stroke of luck, Fahim is introduced to one of France’s top chess coaches, Sylvain, who tutors him and gives him a sense of purpose – his struggles on the chessboard mirroring both his victories and his crushing defeats in his battle for a normal life. This new sense of ‘feeling for others’ defining the relationship between Fahim & Sylvain allows both of them to change life for the best in an unexpected way.

This movie was part of the “Refugee Week” held in the French Institute in June. It allowed us to have an interesting talk about refugees and the world we live in.

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Year 6 students attend debating festival

On Wednesday, three of our Year 6 students – Elena, Vali and Rupert – attended the inaugural Dukes Education Debating Festival. We experienced fantastic workshops with Noisy Classroom, who trained the children brilliantly in public speaking and debate, before a knockout competition in the afternoon.... The children were all near-novices at the start of the day, but nonetheless scored an incredible 73 points out of 100 in their debate, ‘This house would ban zoos’. Not only that, but Rupert won three medals, awarded for exceptional performance and participation by the various teachers and facilitators. Well done, all – and here’s to winning next year!

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Sixth form trip to Liquid Leisure Aqua Park

The sixth form had a fun packed team building experience at liquid leisure. They ‘dived in’ and completed some challenging tasks on the aqua jungle and raced through the aqua park slides and tunnels. This was followed by the banana boat that had the students’ adrenaline pumping as they held on... to avoid falling into the water.

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Activities Day 2021, in photos

Another successful Activities Day comes to an end! Each year group from Daycare to Year 13 took part in an off-site activity today. Daycare donned their wet weather gear to go and feed the ducks in Bushy Park. The Early years and Year 1 took a coach to Bocketts Farm where they learned about different...

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Year 11 trip to Bletchley Park

Year Eleven took advantage of their free time after their GCSE exams to visit Bletchley Park, the home of code breaking during the Second World War and arguably the site of some of the most important work done in the war effort. From learning about the origins and the composition of the Enigma Machine,... to celebrating the life and achievements of the great Alan Turing, there was lots to learn for them all!

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End of term team building activities for HCH sixth form

After a busy period of A level and AS internal assessments, the Sixth Form ended the term by enjoying a variety of bonding activities. This included a fun-filled outing to Thorpe Park, where the students took delight in being hurled around in every direction at terrifying speeds. Determined not to be... outdone, the accompanying form tutors braved each of the major attractions, although later admitted that their favourite ride was the bus back to HCH!

During the following week our Sixth Formers spent an afternoon working together to complete a series of team building exercises. These included a challenge whereby teammates must guide a blindfolded individual along a pathway littered with obstacles that must be avoided. It was wonderful to see the students co-operating with such determination and good humour.

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