Integral to our curriculum is a wide range of educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom door. The Hampton Court House curriculum offers a series of educational journeys that deepen the students’ understanding of the world around them. Trips extend students’ knowledge of past and present. We encourage international travel even at the youngest age, by inviting parents to join us on trips to France with their young children. Our experience is that students forge strong bonds of friendship during the trips, and their respect for one another grows as a result of sharing the experiences.

Ben Ruddin, is responsible for facilitating these opportunities and ensuring they are accessible to all.

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Year 11 trip to Bletchley Park

Year Eleven took advantage of their free time after their GCSE exams to visit Bletchley Park, the home of code breaking during the Second World War and arguably the site of some of the most important work done in the war effort. From learning about the origins and the composition of the Enigma Machine,... to celebrating the life and achievements of the great Alan Turing, there was lots to learn for them all!

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End of term team building activities for HCH sixth form

After a busy period of A level and AS internal assessments, the Sixth Form ended the term by enjoying a variety of bonding activities. This included a fun-filled outing to Thorpe Park, where the students took delight in being hurled around in every direction at terrifying speeds. Determined not to be... outdone, the accompanying form tutors braved each of the major attractions, although later admitted that their favourite ride was the bus back to HCH!

During the following week our Sixth Formers spent an afternoon working together to complete a series of team building exercises. These included a challenge whereby teammates must guide a blindfolded individual along a pathway littered with obstacles that must be avoided. It was wonderful to see the students co-operating with such determination and good humour.

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Year 3 trip to Walton Firs Activity Centre

As an end of term treat, Year 3 took a trip to Walton Firs activity centre. After a disjointed year of lockdowns during the pandemic, it was wonderful for the class to come together and take part in team building activities and spend the day in the sunshine. The children climbed on the low ropes and... enouraged each other to complete the course without touching the ground. Then the class were put into pairs with one person blindfolded. They were led through one of the activity trails by their team mate who had to give them clear directions and support, this encouraged their communication and sense of team work. It was a lovely way to end the school year together as a group.

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Year 8 Geographical Investigation Day

The Year 8 students enjoyed a productive Geographical Investigation Day on Wednesday, carrying out surveys to assess the impact that Hampton Court Palace has on the local area. Scores for environmental quality were calculated, land use maps labelled and questionnaires were completed by helpful passers-by.... The sun shone and everyone contributed with positivity and focus – well done Year 8!

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Year 7 and 8 trip to Westminster Abbey

On Friday Years 7 and 8 spent the day at Westminster Abbey, a site of significant historical and religious importance in London. Contextualising 1000 years of history, the students could walk past the tombs of kings and queens that shaped the nation, look at the chair that was used in the coronation... of monarchs from Henry VIII to Elizabeth II, as well as reciting the beginning of The Canterbury Tales near the remains of Geoffrey Chaucer. Despite the rain, the group really enjoyed their excursion and the chance to deepen their knowledge from their Perspectives and History lessons.

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Years 10 to 13 enjoy an action-packed trip to Paris

Our GCSE and A level French students set off for Paris on Thursday to rediscover (or discover) the sights and cultural richness of the French capital. With their teachers and their guide, the students visited le musee du Louvre and of course ensured they saw the Mona Lisa along the way. The group took... a stroll around Monmatre and walked the 280 steps at the top of the Arc de Triomphe. As the brunt of Storm Ciara started to take hold, the students only made it as far as the second floor of the Eiffel Tower but then enjoyed a final treasure hunt around the Marais neighbourhood before taking the Eurostar home today. It has been a wonderful way for four year groups to come together and make new memories as well as inspire their GCSE and A level studies in French for the coming months and years.

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Year 4 trip to the British Museum

To complement their work in humanities on ancient Greece, Year 4 went on a trip to the British Museum on Wednesday 29th January. They very much enjoyed using augmented reality technology on tablets supplied by the British Museum to explore the Parthenon Gallery. They learned about ancient Greek religion... and how the Parthenon’s architecture celebrated Athena’s greatness and communicated the power of Athens. The Year 4 pupils had a great day exploring the museum!

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