Integral to our curriculum is a wide range of educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom door. The Hampton Court House curriculum offers a series of educational journeys that deepen the students’ understanding of the world around them. Trips extend students’ knowledge of past and present. We encourage international travel even at the youngest age, by inviting parents to join us on trips to France with their young children. Our experience is that students forge strong bonds of friendship during the trips, and their respect for one another grows as a result of sharing the experiences.

Ben Ruddin, is responsible for facilitating these opportunities and ensuring they are accessible to all.

Ben RuddinBSc MSc PGCE
  • Deputy Head

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Year 2 visit to the British Museum

On Friday 10th May Year 2 visited the British Museum for a storytelling workshop. The children listened to an African folk story, before visiting the galleries to look at some artefacts from the continent. They then wrote individual mini books, featuring the beautiful objects seen. Back at school the children have been very busy editing and improving their stories and they are now on display in the Year 2 Classroom.

China Trip 2019

Pupils from the Middle and Upper Years set off from Heathrow at 5am for ‘a trip of a lifetime’ to China. Their itinerary was to spend 10 days exploring different cities, cultures and sites of historical importance, the activities and interactions along the way enabled the pupils to put their Mandarin...

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Middle Years Adventure 2019

Pupils from Years 5 to 8 enjoyed an action-packed weekend of mountain biking, climbing, activity trails, and kayaking when they went on their Middle Years adventure at Avon Tyrell in the New Forest. Pupils and teachers took part in activities that encouraged them to step out of their comfort zone and... socialise across the various year groups as they learned new skills from the Avon Tyrell instructors. In the evenings the group would gather round the campfire to share stories and on the last night of the trip they were treated to a disco in the Grade 1 listed house that plays host to the outdoor activity centre. Despite the cold and blustery weather the middle years pupils demonstrated grit and determination as they tackled the outdoor pursuits. They would cheer each other on during the obstacle courses and wall climbs and help one another in and out of boats and to find their balance during kayaking. Most importantly the students returned to school having created lifelong memories.

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Tower of London Trip – 22 November 2018 Year 7 & Year 8

How did John Gerard escape from the Salt Tower using just a feather and an orange? Is there really a talking giant’s skull underneath the tower’s foundations? What did Anne Boleyn say to her decapitator? Which wild and exotic animals were kept in the Tower for 600 years? These were just a few questions...

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