Below you can find some appreciated feedback from our pupils and their parents.

See also: Ofsted inspection report.

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Some views on the DELF from pupils and parents

It was my first public – I found it interesting because you can find out how good you really are at French and what level you are at. It also helps get into a French University. I felt proud to have achieved the first level and I am ready now to try the next one.

(Clarissa Year 7 ) 

It is a wonderful...

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Lower Years

He talks enthusiastically about everything he has done that day

When Charlie started at Hampton Court House last January he learnt more in a month than he did in a whole term at his previous school. The teachers are passionate about what they do and when Charlie comes home he talks enthusiastically about... everything he has done that day, something he never used to do. I am happy, and not a little envious, that he is at a school that continually stimulates him by developing his heart and mind. – Nick Carter, Parent (Child in year 4).

The staff give off an “extended family” vibe.

Everything about the school is inspirational. The building, the gardens, the hall and theatre. The staff give off an “extended family” vibe. This is a quirky school, socially liberal but with a traditional approach to study. No uniform, just an understated expectation to respect others and the school. The parents are great too. Just like the staff there are no pretentions.- David Lummis, Parent of Amelia in Year 4.

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Nursery & Early Years

OFSTED – Pupils take responsibility for themselves and others

A special feature of pupils’ good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is the way in which pupils from the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards learn to respect, and take responsibility for, themselves and others. – Ofsted... 2010

We are very happy with the prospect of parental involvement

From our first visit to HCH we felt that this is the right choice of school for our daughter. As well as offering bilingual education we felt that children are in the centre of care, each treated individually with a lot of care, love and attention. The schoolgrounds are amazing and in our opinion they are providing children with even more enjoyable experience. As parents, we are very happy with the prospect of parental involvement as well as social engagement. Thank you very much. – Anonymous Parent, (Child in Year 1)

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Middle Years

A Magical Place

A magical place – I would urge any prospective parent to wander around the house and grounds during the school day to witness the energy, enthusiasm and joy for themself. – Lydia Dickinson, Parent of child in year 5).

Increasing Confidence

Thank you for making her transition to Hampton...

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Upper Years

OFSTED – Enjoyment of School

Good relationships promote pupils’ enjoyment of school, their positive attitudes to learning and their regular attendance. They also help the pupils to grow in confidence and self-esteem. – Ofsted 2010

So many of the students are staying beyond common entrance


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