Welcome to Middle Years

Art class at HCH

Art class at HCH

Our aims in the Middle Years are threefold:

  • to inspire and enthuse the students in each and every subject, giving them the confidence, tools and desire to take their learning to a higher level
  • to create for the students a historical and cultural framework on which to hang subject specific knowledge, contextualising learning and giving an understanding of how subjects and topics interlink
  • to build confidence and skills necessary for learning and life, in particular those of communication and self-expression

These are precious years, in which a child can be opened up to the wonders and complexities of the world around them. During these years, blocks (especially ‘writing blocks’) can sometimes creep in and affect the learning experience, but equally these blocks can be removed, freeing the children from insecurities and allowing them to stand firmly on the path of their individual lives. We understand that an inspiring and challenging, whilst friendly and nurturing, environment in which the individual needs of each child can be met is key to healthy academic and personal development.

Common Entrance at 11 plus and 13 plus

The students are well prepared for these examinations. Both the Common Entrance and 11 plus examinations are treated as internal assessments, the preparation for which plays a key part in the wider, enriching curriculum.

Sam Dykes BSc

Year 5 Form Tutor

Francesca Simkin BA MPhil PhD

Year 6 Form Tutor

Tom Clery MA PGCE BA

Year 7 Form Tutor

Laura Williams MA PGDip

Currently on Maternity Leave