Academic Overview

Hampton Court House is an ‘all through’ school teaching pupils aged 3–18. Some students choose to move on after 11+ in Year 6 or through Common Entrance or Scholarship papers in Year 8. But most of our pupils elect to stay on to GCSE in Year 11 and A levels in the Sixth Form.

The Early Years

Our Nursery and Reception classes provide a highly stimulating and welcoming environment for children to learn through interaction with each other and adults. They learn through play with songs and games and through the enthusiasm of their teachers.

Children hear spoken French around them each day, which prepares them for our Lower Years (Years 1–4) which is a fully bilingual environment.

We work in small groups and one-on-one with each child to ensure that pupils moving into Year 1:

  1. are able to read
  2. are able to write in cursive handwriting
  3. have listened to many stories and fables and developed a rich vocabulary and comprehension
  4. enjoy school and are confident in their abilities

There is no rigid timescale to achieve the above. It happens for the most part naturally and without pressure.

The Lower Years

This is an English/French bilingual environment from Years 1 to 4.

The Middle Years

Years 5 to 8

In Year 6, all pupils sit internal 11+ examinations, set by the Independent Schools Examinations Board, in English and mathematics (the science papers are taken later in the year). Some pupils at this time elect to sit 11+ examinations for other independent schools (e.g. Kingston Grammar School, Godolphin & Latymer, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Surbiton High etc.) or take pre-tests for senior schools (e.g. Eton, Westminster) before being offered conditional places via 13+ Common Entrance or Scholarship.

All Year 8 pupils sit ISEB 13+ examinations in English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history, geography, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Latin. All Year 7 pupils study Spanish with a view to taking Common Entrance Spanish (Level 2) in Year 8.

The Upper Years

Years 9 to 11

These are the years in which children will make decisions which will shape their future.

Year 11 sees pupils complete their GCSEs. Key subjects include: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, French, Spanish, Latin, Computer Science, Art, Photography and Psychology.