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Article written by Dimitra and Edward (Year 9).

On Monday the RAF, Royal Air Force, visited our school to teach us all about the different roles in the RAF, how it works, how they do what they do, and much more.

What was better was that they showed what they did but at a level that we all could understand. They showed us about training of the pilots using virtual reality as well as using drones to show us how they would use this in real life. They showed us many practicals including drone signal interception, the physics of flight and many videos of their aircraft, which showed us how technologically advanced the RAF is getting.

They introduced us to their new aircraft, the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II, capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and their history of their VTOL aircraft.

They showed us that the RAF isn’t just about flying but about jobs like engineering and mechanics. They more or less asked us to join because of their shortage of female engineers as well as engineers in general. They were very inspiring to give us the opportunity to give us a possible role in the armed forces.

Although they didn’t mention it, we noticed a board of the apprenticeships that can be taken in the RAF.

We probably didn’t sound as enthusiastic as we probably should have first thing in the morning, as a whole we enjoyed a lot!