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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

‘Play in a Day’ Workshop

Years 2 and 3 enjoyed a visit from the Polka Theatre for a ‘Play in a Day’ workshop.

Del introduced pupils to many dynamic warm ups which got them moving and their minds working.

Activities were focused on the theme of ‘Pandora’s Box’ which led to many discussions of the plot and views of what it means to be curious. Pupils then practised their miming skills, leading and beckoning someone to open a box. They memorised scenes, performed them as a Greek chorus and created their own puppet that had to be co-ordinated and moved by a number of people.

In addition to this students were also put in small groups where they had to create a unique scene using Pandora as inspiration, but in a different context. This led to stories of dolphins being caught by aquariums, and the consequences of going to bed too late after watching a film without parents knowing!

At the end of this action packed day, pupils were able to share their performances With Year 4.