Whom to Contact

Reception – 020 8614 0865

General information and enquiries – including registration, illness, medical information, and lateness – as well as general communications from the School. Our two receptionists are Fenella Winstone and Pat Penson.


If your son or daughter is absent from school, please inform us by email as soon as possible on the first day of absence, and on each subsequent day.

Safeguarding & Child Protection – 020 8614 0857

We ask that if anyone witnesses anything which compromises the School’s commitment to safeguarding children that this be brought swiftly to the attention of a member of The Safeguarding Team.

Subject Teachers List of all teachers

In the event of concern about a student’s progress in a particular subject, parents can contact an individual subject teacher by email. However sometimes it is better to talk issues over in person; teachers are generally available at the end of the day for an informal chat.

Form Tutors List of Tutors

In the event of a straightforward enquiry about a disciplinary, homework or academic matter, or a concern about student welfare, your child’s Form Tutor should be the first point of contact. Again, parents may wish to make contact by email or meet informally at the end of the day.

Head of Early Years

In the event of a more detailed and particular enquiry regarding the Early Years (Nursery and Reception), please contact Anne-Francoise Ropert.

Deputy Head Pastoral

In the event of a more detailed and particular enquiry concerning a child’s pastoral care, please contact Amy Burgess


Parents are always welcome to contact the Headmaster directly and/or if they believe an issue is both urgent and important. Parents are also most welcome to contact the Headmaster on general issues relating to the school.


In the event that the Headmaster has been unable to resolve a parental concern, the next point of contact is Libby Nicholas.


Hampton Court House Limited is a registered company: number 03504339.
Hampton Court House is a member of the Dukes family of schools, and as such Dukes Education is the proprietor.
To contact the proprietor directly, please follow the link above, or write to them at the school address.

Bursar – 020 8614 0854

Enquiries about tuition fees and related matters go to Stuart Harris, the School Bursar.

Head of Admissions – 020 8614 0857

Enquiries about pupils who are joining or leaving the school, or pupils whose home circumstances are changing, should go to Natalie Barker.


Enquiries about C.N.E.D. (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance for French nationals who would like to continue their Baccalauréat) or about Français Langue Première provision should go to Manon Tournier.

Exams Officer – 020 8614 0858

In the case of a query about any matter pertaining to GCSE or A level entries, or ISEB 11+ & 13+ or other internal examinations, please contact Caith Olnick.

Head of Learning Support

(Primary) elp@hchnet.co.uk
(Secondary) thk@hchnet.co.uk
Enquiries about Learning Support for children from Early Years to Year 5 should go to Emma Poskitt.
Enquiries about Learning Support for children in Years 6 to 13 should go to Talit Khan.


Enquiries about individual music tuition should be emailed to this address.

Friends of HCH

If you would like to be involved in helping with social events and fundraising, the Friends of HCH (the school’s parents’ association) would love to hear from you.

Vikingston School Minibus

In the case of a query about any matter pertaining to the school bus service, you should contact Scott Passfield on 03335 770775.

Sports Kit

For sports kit orders and in the case of any other queries pertaining to the sports kit, please contact the school supplier Alleycatz.


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