HCH appoints a new Headmaster

Dr Adrian Rainbow, HCH’s new Headmaster (effective from September 2021).

Dr Rainbow was born and raised in Canada by his parents Tony and Mo, both of whom were headteachers. Adrian graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts (double major) in English Literature and Philosophy and finished his college football career as an All-Canadian Quarterback. Following his childhood dream of playing American football professionally, he was drafted into the Canadian Football League by the Montreal Alouettes, where he enjoyed a brief stint, before transferring to Germany to play ten seasons in the German Football League.

During his sports career Adrian continued to hone his academic skills completing his PGCE in English and Drama, Master of Arts in English (Critical Theory), and PhD in English (Critical Pedagogy and Contemporary Literature), all from the University of Exeter.

After finishing his PhD and retiring from his American football career Adrian was appointed as a Lecturer of English at the University of Zurich where he spent five years before relocating to the UK. For three years he was the Head of the Environmental Faculty, Language and Literacy Coordinator, Teacher of English, and Assistant Houseparent at UWC Atlantic College in Wales before being appointed as Deputy Head Co-Curriculum at Sevenoaks School in Kent. Adrian has spent the last four years overseeing all of the experiential learning at Sevenoaks, including music, sport, drama, as well as all of the community impact, outreach and partnership work of the school. He also recently completed a second Master of Arts in Education (Educational Leadership and Management) from the University of Bath.

In addition to his love of education, Adrian is passionate about reading, cooking, hiking and travelling. Most of all, however, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Miriam, and their two boys, Finley (aged 7) and Osian (aged 4), preferably in a forest.

Adrian Rainbow, with his wife Miriam, and boys Finley and Osian.

Adrian says, ‘I am deeply honoured to have been selected as the next Headmaster of Hampton Court House. I would wholeheartedly like to thank Alex and Eliana Houstoun-Boswall, Guy Holloway, the Governors, and RSAcademics for entrusting me with this privileged responsibility. I look forward to building on the strengths and successes of the school and on all of the positive momentum Guy and the rest of the HCH staff have initiated. It is clear that HCH is a special and vibrant community and I am thrilled that my family will be joining it soon.’

Adrian plans, so far as Covid will allow, to make a number of visits to HCH between now and the end of the summer term. I know you will all be keen to welcome Adrian, his wife Miriam, and their two young boys, Finley and Osian, to the Hampton Court House family.

Tristram Jones-ParryMA (Oxon)
  • Governor