Parents’ Forum

The annual Parents’ Forum provides an opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss ideas and approaches to education in general, in a relaxed and informal setting.
The agenda for the evening includes

  1. Headmaster’s Report
    A brief summary of the school’s progress over the last year, and an outline of short and mid-term goals.
  2. The Friends of Hampton Court House
    An update on ‘The Friends’ (the parents’ association) and plans (social and fund-raising) for this school year.
  3. Current issues in education
    A selection of short 5-minute presentations/speeches by members of staff, followed by Q and A on a range of educational issues.

Some feedback from previous events:

Thank you for your excellent presentation and the efforts of your colleagues. As a new parent, the event was particularly enlightening and welcoming.

Thank you for an informative and interesting evening. The topic of how to help children reach their full potential is both complex and fascinating. It speaks for HCH as an institution to seek answers and your openness in sharing ideas with parents is much appreciated.

Just wanted to say thank you for another illuminating and inspiring evening last night.

I wanted to thank you for the Parents’ Forum. I found your and your colleagues views inspirational and reassuring.

Many thanks for the very interesting evening last night! I personally was unaware of the level of debate that you and the staff are going through, it seems on a daily basis! It took me
by surprise, but I should have known that HCH would be engaging in this type of constant debate. It shows why the school is the wonderful, stimulating and rewarding place that it is. I feel very committed to the ideals of the school and I hope that many parents expressed this too.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the parents meeting yesterday evening. In particular, hearing about the changes that had been made over the last couple of years and where the school was heading left me extremely enthusiastic.

Thank you for a very informative evening. It was fabulous to hear the teachers speaking with such passion and joy for teaching; they are certainly features which we love about Hampton Court House.

Thank you very much for a very interesting and clearly passionate evening yesterday. I came away feeling even more enthused about education, HCH’s ethos, and the direction that my son is now going in… I, as a parent, am entirely confident that HCH remains grounded in its original and unique vision while embracing, where necessary, the expectations of today’s regulators.

HCH gives children of likeminded parents the most amazing love of learning and through that, will allow the children to achieve in exams. From a marketing point of view, it is the main difference between HCH and any other school I have visited. This need to help children develop a real curiosity and lifelong interest in their studies will ensure that they can learn and adapt for their entire lives, leading to happy, adults who fully contribute to society, as well as being able to pass exams.

Thank you again, for explaining the debate to us and for communicating all that you are planning for our children.