Self-isolating Individuals

Supporting individual students who are self-isolating

We have been liaising directly with the students who are self-isolating, or their parents, to discuss how we can best support them, since their circumstances have differed, ranging from those who simply needed to quarantine following a return to the country through to students who are needing to shield longer term.

Secondary pupils and sixth formers who are self-isolating will be set the work they should do through Google Classroom and their teachers and form tutor will communicate with them directly through their school email accounts; Lower Years will have work sent to parents through their form tutors each day. We want to get Year 5 and Year 6 students up to speed with accessing work through Google Classroom and GMail to get them working independently as much as possible.

These are new skills to develop for many children in the Middle Years, so the Computer Science department has also adapted their curriculum this term to help students become confident users of G-Suite and more autonomous with remote learning.

How will work be set?

Sixth Form

Work will be set by the teacher, either through Google Classroom or by liaising directly with the student.

Upper Years

Work will be set through Google Classroom.

Middle Years

Year 6 to 8 – Work will be set through Google Classroom and the Form Tutors will check-in regularly with them to make sure they are able to access it etc.
Year 5 are working towards the same system as Y6 to Y8, but are not there yet. For now, teachers are sending work directly to the parent each day.

Lower Years

Work sent to parents through their form tutors each day.
Aurore and Antony will offer remote support to these parents, particularly re French and maths in French. They each have a period a day blocked out in their timetables to do this.

How would we know if a student is not coping with the work?

Teachers will check that the work they are doing is being completed.
Form Tutors will check-in with students/parents twice a week, both from a pastoral point of view and a general check across all subjects.
Parental feedback – we always welcome feedback from parents so please don’t be shy about contacting us if your child is struggling.

Are children who are self-isolating able to access the lessons at school through Zoom?

The basic answer to this question is “no”. It is something we considered and have briefly trialled but our experience and feedback from other schools indicate that trying to manage both is very disruptive to the lesson and compromises the learning for both the students at home and in the classroom. We have to prioritise teaching the very best lessons we can to the children who are in the classroom, whilst we are able to have them in the classroom.