Return of Early Years & Year 1


We are delighted to be able to re-open from the first of June for the Early Years and Year 1. Here are the timetables for those three classes.


Year 1

If you have chosen not to send your child back to school at this time, we will continue to support you through our remote teaching programme.

What to expect at school

Life at HCH over the next few months will be different from before this crisis. The timetable has been re-thought, in line with the government guidance, to ensure the pupils and staff are as safe as possible.

Groups of children will be kept small and we will ensure those groups do not mix. The mixing of staff between these groups will be kept to a minimum.

Each year group will be based in a separate part of the school with its own toilet facilities, section of the grounds, and entrance to the building.

Each will have two members of staff who only work with that year group, and at all times at least one of those two is with the class. Depending on the number returning in each year, the group will either be kept together as one group or divided in two.

There will be three other members of staff who will move between the groups to offer subject specialist teaching. Latifa will do French and Forest School in Nursery and Reception, Haydn will teach English in Nursery and offer additional support to Y1, and Megan will lead Sports lessons in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. They will keep to social distancing guidelines.

In particular, please note that this means we will not be able to offer 1 to 1 reading lessons, and we will not be providing school lunches so please send your children with a packed lunch.

Parents will be regularly asked to self-certify that their child and household have been free of any symptoms of coronavirus for the last seven days.

The school reception has been relocated to the Art Block, by the gates, so that it can be accessed without entering the school building.

Drop off and pick up locations

The school gates will open at 8.15am and close again at 8.45am each day. By 8.45am all parents must leave the school grounds. Parents must not enter school buildings at any time. Once you have collected your child at the end of the day please leave the school as quickly as possible. Children will not be permitted to play on the climbing frame or in the grounds after school. The school gates will be locked at 4.20pm each day.

Nursery families can drive through the back gate as usual and park their car in the carpark at the front of the school. You will then need to queue, observing social distancing, outside the green doors (where you would enter to access the children’s pegs) at the front of the school. Maritza and Tanya will sign in each child at the door.

Reception families will need to follow the path around the school, past the theatre, to queue at the entrance to the conservatory. Again, please observe social distancing and wait for Sara and Janak to sign you in. Reception class families are also able to park at the front of the school.

Year 1 families will need to drive through the gate at the back of the school and park in the carpark at the back of the school next to the field. Year 1 families will need to queue to sign in on the top field with Caroline and Sarah.

If you have more than one child to drop off, please drop the eldest off first. If there are any problems, such as the class has already started, please do not enter the building. Please contact Rachel in the temporary school reception housed in the Art Block by the school gates.

Children must be collected from the same locations at 4pm each day. Your child will be signed out from the outdoor locations, we will have marquees in case of bad weather. The school gates will close at 4.20pm each day. Parents must not come into the classrooms or any school buildings to collect a child.

Collecting a child during the school day

Once the school gates have closed at 8.45am they will not reopen until 3.40pm each day.

If you need to collect your child or visit the school for any reason during the course of the day you must come to the front gate and let Mark know why you are visiting. You will then be asked to come to our temporary reception/medical area which will be based in the art block at the front of the school. Rachel or Natalie will be there to greet you and assist you. Any child who is unwell during the course of the day will be brought to the art block to be supervised until a parent collects them. Please ensure you have notified the school of any changes to phone numbers, or whom to contact in case of emergency, as we will need to ensure children are collected safely and promptly.

What to bring to school

Children will have forest school and sports every day so they need to come to school in loose, comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes as they will not get changed for forest school or sports.

Please ensure all these items are clearly named.
Children must not bring pencil cases, or toys from home. Everything they need for their school day will be provided.
Year 1 children will need to bring their work books in a sealed, and clearly named, folder.

Sun cream application

To ensure the safety of our youngest children, I have attached a permission slip for the application of sun cream at school. We anticipate a lot of each day will be spent outdoors so it is very important the children are protected. Please make sure you have read and signed the form which should be returned to me before Monday.

What happens if someone develops symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) whilst at School?

The following is based on the guidance provided by the government. It is due to be updated before the 1st June, but as of 4 pm on the 29th June, remains unchanged.

If anyone develops coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms whilst at HCH, they will be taken to the Art Block, from where their parents will be called and asked to collect them. The parents will be advised to follow the staying at home guidance.

If they need to go to the bathroom while waiting to be collected, they should use the cottage toilet. The bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected using standard cleaning products before being used by anyone else.

In an emergency, 999 will be called if they are seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk.

Confirmed case of Covid-19

If a student is a confirmed case the School should be alerted as soon as possible. Confirmed cases should not come onto the School site until they are tested clear.

One degree of Separation
Anyone who has been in close contact with someone who is a confirmed case must alert the school and not attend School for 7 days symptom-free, or until such time that the person has official clearance.

Two degrees of Separation
If a pupil or member of staff has been in close contact with someone who has been in close contact with someone who is a confirmed case, then they must alert School and not attend the school site for 7 days symptom-free, or until such time that the person you met is cleared.

Three degrees of Separation
Anyone who has not been in close contact with anyone who is a confirmed case, or anyone who has been in close contact with such a person, may attend School.