Remote Learning Timetables

Please see the links below to the timetables by form group. Students will have individual timetables that they will need to follow closely for their lessons on Zoom.

Form time is a fixed point in the day as that is an opportunity for the form to gather together to share their experiences and discuss the issues of the day.

The timings of the independent work, including the projects, are only suggestions. It has been provided to support students and parents with structuring the day, but parents are, of course, welcome to vary the day’s schedule around their own.

Daily physical activity is vitally important, but families will need to do what they can around their other commitments. In planning the schedule our expectation was that is happen after 4 pm, which is why the lack of Sport in the timetable is offset by the usual homework being incorporated into the scheduled independent work.

We recognise that one size does not fit all, and we have tried to balance structure and routine with giving parents as much flexibility as possible to adapt that structure around their individual circumstances

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