Public Exam Cancellation

The government has announced that GCSEs and A level examinations will not take place this summer. This now includes IGCSEs and Pre-U examinations. The students will receive a ‘calculated’ grade and once we have more details of how this will work, we will let the students know.

Further updates are expected from Ofqual and the examination boards towards the end of this week.

For now, we expect all students to continue with their timetabled lessons and complete their programme of study. We will adapt our plans for next term once we know more about what evidence we need to submit to the boards to get the students the best grades possible. Adapted plans may include setting assessed pieces of coursework to be completed at home, or an early start to teaching the A level syllabus for Year 11.

We will work individually with the Y13 students once they have completed their current programmes of study to tailor their summer programmes to their individual needs in preparing for university. We expect the universities will be releasing guidance in due course of what they expect from the students over the next few months.