Middle Years

As Middle Years pupils are able to work independently, we have created a programme of work, resources and activities that they can complete in their own time throughout the day, with the added reassurance of knowing there are teachers available through the day to offer support. We have scheduled form time at the 13.15 every day for Middle Years pupils. Please see the timetables we have produced as a recommendation of how they structure the rest of their day.

Morning assembly

Guy will record a morning assembly every day. The link to view the assembly will be sent to you and posted on our website shortly afterwards. We do recommend that students watch the assembly before they start their day’s school work.


Each day the students will be set subject specific projects using Google classroom (approximately 5 hours of work). The projects will be sent each morning and will contain guidance and information about how to complete them. Many of these projects will be designed to be completed in a single day. Where the project spans more than one day, it will be made clear what the students are expected to achieve each day.

There is a timetable of teachers available to offer support and answer questions each day. Please do contact those teachers directly if you need to. At the end of the day the students should submit their projects for feedback.

Form time on Zoom

The students also have an opportunity for ‘form time’ every day at 1.15pm. The form time is a great opportunity for the group to speak with each other and their form tutor. In order to connect to form time you will need a phone, laptop or ipad as we will use Zoom software. The form tutor will email the student with their invitation which will automatically be connect to the right group.

We do suggest signing up for Zoom on your devices at home, it is very straightforward, please visit the Zoom website. Students have already been given guidance on how to sign into Zoom using their HCH email accounts.

Extra-curricular activities

Students and families may like to participate in activities together over and above the work we are setting in the distance learning curriculum. We will regularly keep you informed of activities, challenges, resources to benefit the wellbeing of pupils and parents etc.

Staying informed and whom to contact

The Coronavirus situation section of the website will be kept up-to-date with information about the school’s continuity plans as well as the timetables for each section of the school. We will also be posting our extra curricular activities, challenges, artwork and photographs to these pages.

Your form tutor is your first point of contact and in addition to your form time they can schedule individual appointments if you wish to discuss a specific matter. Please do email them directly.

Please email Rachel Bowles or request a Zoom or Skype call and I will be delighted to help with any general or administrative enquiries you have. Please also send me any photos you have of the time being spent at home. I will be sending out ideas in the coming days too.

Please email Jon Hind if you have any queries about the continuity plans and projects.

Please email Ben Ruddin if you have any queries about Zoom use or staying connected with the school from home.