Holiday Activities

Art webinars

There are lots of art webinars available through Art Enthusiasts London sessions for children aged 5+ and adults. The focus is on a particular artist and an online art teacher/art historian gives guidance on how to recreate the painting ‘in the style of..’ whilst introducing the artist and their life. There is also a Facebook group, where you can upload your artwork and receive tutors comments.

Recipes and baking ideas

If you have younger children there are some good recipes for making homemade playdough. Playing with playdough is a wonderful way to build children’s fine motor skills and strength in their fingers and wrists which can help with handwriting and pencil grip.

Salt dough is a quick and easy way to create beautiful artwork or sculpture. Our Director of Curriculum, Claire Weber, recommends using leaves from your garden or a walk in the park to create salt dough leaf impressions. Children love colouring and painting the different leaf patterns and it is an opportunity to discuss the different shapes and textures of the leaves.

Making bath bombs appeals to wide age group. You can use lots of things for moulds: large pastry or plasticine cutters (star shaped, heart shaped etc with grease proof paper underneath on a baking tray), muffin trays or cases (silicon ones work well!) or any small plastic container. citric acid available from Wilko

As the temperature starts to fall it is lovely to stay inside and bake together as a family. Why not try this easy recipe for an apple crumble?

Online games and activities

The Duolingo website and mobile app offer daily language learning courses for children and adults. With as little as ten minutes a day you can build your acquisition of a new language!

BBC bitesize have resources, games and puzzles for children of all ages.

Art galleries and museums around the world are still offering online virutal tours.

We always recommend TED-ed videos to our pupils. There are a variety of lessons worth sharing for you to enjoy.

The HCH Bedtime Story

Our Junior Art teacher, Claire, reads Superworm by Julia Donaldson and Cloudland by John Burningham
Rachel Bowles, Head of Admissions, reads Zagazoo by Quentin Blake.

The Puzzle Corner

As well as Guy’s Easter Quiz we have Jon’s Maths Puzzles and Logic and reasoning problems from Sel.

Maths in the Holidays

Some suggestions from Anja for mathematical activities during the holidays.

Book recommendations for children and adults

Head of English, Robert Armiger, has curated a wonderful book list for children of all ages

Head of Science, Thomas McCarthy Ward, recommends a book for parents and over 16s: The Debt to Pleasure In Thomas’s words it is ‘hilarious and grotesque’!

History of Art teacher, Caith Olnick, makes these recommendations:
The David Olusoga book Black and British: A Forgotten HIstory.
There is also an abridged children’s version: Black and British: A short, essential history, which has just been published.
Also, Peter Pomerantsev’s This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality (about fake news) is excellent, as is Clover Stroud’s My Wild and Sleepless Nights (about motherhood).
Caith’s final recommendation is for a graphic novel written and illustrated by Katriona Chapman called Follow Me In, about her travels in Mexico.