Coronavirus Situation

This page will be kept up-to-date with the School’s current position with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

The government has ordered the closure of all schools during the ‘delay phase’ of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, we are commited to your children’s education and wellbeing and so have drawn up continuity plans, detailed below, and will be working remotely to support you as best we can.

If you are a ‘key worker’ by the government’s new definition, please contact Rachel Bowles to let her know. Some childcare provision can be made for ‘key workers’ and we are collaborating with local schools to try provide this as effectively and safely as possible.

Continuity Plans

Working on the presumption that the school will not be able reopen for the foreseeable future we have restructured our timetable to provide a balance of taught lessons on Zoom and independent work and activities.


Students and families may like to participate in activities together over and above the work we are setting in the distance learning curriculum. We will regularly keep you informed of activities, challenges, resources to benefit the wellbeing of pupils and parents etc on the HCH at home webpage.

Staff and Student Training Day

Wednesday 22nd April
As this timetable requires both staff and students to work in new ways, we have set aside the first day of term as a training day. The expectations about online conduct will be explained to the students. Students will be shown how to use google classroom if they haven’t already used it, and shown how to submit work for marking. Students will then have the opportunity to practise submitting work and using tools such as Office Lens to create a suitable PDF of handwritten work.
This is in addition to the staff INSET day on Tuesday 21st April.
The timetabled teaching will begin on Thursday 23rd April.

Whom to contact during the school closure-April 2020