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Pupils should aim to be in school at 8.35 am. Some staff are in the building from 8 am, and Form Tutors will be available to supervise the pupils from 8.35 am. Children in Year 4 and below should not arrive before 8.35 am. Students in Year 5 may arrive before 8.35 am and should read, work or socialise quietly in their form rooms until their Form Tutor arrives.
Children in Early Years must be signed in upon arrival with the Key Person for their class: Maritza for Nursery and Sara for Reception.

Late arrival

Any pupil arriving after 8.40 am must report to reception to sign in, before proceeding to class. This is to ensure everyone is correctly registered and accounted for in the event of an emergency. Please advise your son or daughter of this requirement.

Absence from School

If your son or daughter is ill will be away from school, please email us at as soon as possible on the first day of absence, and on each subsequent day. If you would like to ask permission for your son or daughter to be absent for another reason please contact the Deputy Head.

During the day

Any pupil who needs to leave school during the day will require permission from the School and written parental consent must also be provided via email to Pupils should be signed out in reception by the parent or person collecting. If returning to school later the same day, the pupil must or sign in upon return.

Contact with parents

Most correspondence will be emailed to all parents. Currently we are able to hold up to three email addresses for each student/family and we do follow up on mail returned to us. As we rely on email, should your email address change, it is essential that you advise us as soon as possible.

Please advise reception of any change to contact details; addresses, email or telephone numbers.

Some letters will still be sent by post or via your son or daughter.

Collecting children

Children should be collected at the end of the school day unless written permission has been given for them to make their own way home. If your child will be going home with someone else on a particular day please inform reception. Please be aware of the School’s Uncollected Children Policy.