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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Music Department Concert

The Spring Concert , performed by students from Year 2 though to Year 11, was an unforgettable concert full of superb music and unforgettable performances. Year 5’s Consider Yourself, Year 4’s dance, Alex Koh’s (Y5) Happy (with his own backing dancers formed by girls from year 3!) Christopher M’s (Y3) beautiful singing, Helen’s (Y11) flute concerto, Kit’s (Y8) saxophone mastery and Danial (Y9) and Roberto’s Europa guitar duo – just to mention a few of the incredible range of styles. The pieces were all performed by the enthusiastic and talented students to a very a high standard. Ben (Y9) took charge of the lighting and again did a magnificent job. The audience clapped and rewarded many performances with shouts of ‘Bravo!’ and we all went home singing lines from The Roses of Success, the song performed by Year 3 as the last piece of the evening. A star was also born tonight in the person of a year 3 student – Stacy – who brought the house down with her performance of a mad scientist. A delightful evening!