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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

Music Department Concert

The 27th Music Department Concert took place in our school on 14th March. The excitement was palpable.
Although the Nursery and Reception children were not involved this time, it being an evening concert (they had a separate Concert the week before ), the Main hall was packed with proud parents and visitors.

All the performances were of a high standard, with exceptional contributions from Anais V. (year 7), our Music Scholar, virtuosically playing Dancla and Chopin.
Harriet T. (year 1), who sang and played the cello, Beth B. (year 5), singing “ Memory”, Finn R (year 7), whose Hungarian Dance by Brahms received huge applause. Sacha V. (4) with his song “ MacCavity the Mystery Cat“ has shown true potential as a future West End star.
For many, the “surprise” of the evening was petite Imogen M. (year 5), who composed a song, wrote the lyrics and recruited Jon, the Deputy Head, as one of the cast.

Oscar V. (year 8) impressed us with the purity of his voice and Lucy C.
(year 11) moved us with her beautifully sensitive harp playing.
We laughed to tears at Shen G. and Cassandra R.`s (both year 6), comical rendition of “ I can do better than you ” from the musical Annie.
All the class performances were wonderful, not just to listen to, but also to look at. The joy of performing was evident in every student involved.

Now, as the new term progresses, we are preparing for the next concert, which will be held in July.
All together, a truly wonderful evening spent with people we love.