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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Middle Years Enrichment Afternoon 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Middle Years students took part in activities and challenges that were different from their usual everyday lessons. The afternoon comprised a social challenge, a creative challenge and a physical one. We were delighted by how well the students engaged in these activities. They baked, exercised, played music, and best of all they reached out to someone in their community whom they identified as being lonely during lockdown or who deserved a thank you.

Sophia, in Year 5, baked cookies for her elderly neighbour and brought them to her. She also wrote “Be Happy Like a Puppy” using calligraphy for her creative challenge.

Khalil, in Year 7, made a beautiful card and wrote a letter to his neighbour who lives opposite him, and who is on her own.

Alexander, in Year 7, also made a card and brought some flowers to his neighbour who lives alone.

Ulani, in Year 7, made a card and cookies for the concierge who has always been helpful and kind to her family.

Thank you to all the Middle Years students for their hard work, and their parents and form tutors who made this possible: giving the students a chance to have a productive break in their busy Zoom routine and time away from their screens.