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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Middle and Upper Years Survival Skills Day 2020

The students in year 7 to year 11 had a wonderful day learning about a range of survival skills in the beautiful grounds of HCH. They tested their trust and their communication skills by guiding blindfolded partners around a treacherous forest path. The first attempt for Year 7 ended in a cacophony of giggles. By their 3rd time around they were adept at modifying their tone of voice and instructions and were able to guide their partners around backwards. The Upper Years had new obstacles put in their path in order to increase the challenge. They learned the importance of tone and clear directions when you can’t gesture to someone in which direction they should go.

The students also took part in spear throwing, which was harder than it looked. However, an element of competition brought out the best in the students and soon they were hitting their targets and achieving incredible distances.

After lunch, students learned about the different ways to light a fire. They had a go with a flint and steel to light cotton wool and even had a fire starting race which was very closely run.

In the afternoon they foraged around the school grounds looking for resources in their ‘own back garden’. After this, they learned how to safely use knife skills to carve tent pegs or a spatula for the kitchen. This takes awareness of one’s surroundings, patience, and clear communication with those around you to ensure everyone stays safe. Finally, they played a game of capture the flag in the dark, using their new communication skills. Dinner was cooked over a bonfire and they roasted marshmallows for dessert. All very useful survival skills taught with great enthusiasm and energy by our team leaders from Polaris Outdoors. The students were all determined, patient, and listened to the instructors. It was a great day!