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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

Maths Day 2019

Thirteen year groups and eleven different activities, it can only be HCH Maths Day!
Whilst Nursery and Reception children brought in their teddies and counted out pasta shapes, Year 6 used their ratio knowledge to make waffles. We can now say that if the ratio is not right, the dough can look like a paste and will not make great waffles and anything with too much liquid just runs down the side of the waffle maker and again, will not make great waffles. Year 11 were shocked by how much life costs. Opening their envelopes with their job descriptions and salaries did not cause concern until taxes had to be paid, accommodation rented, weekly grocery shop had to be accounted for and transport had to be considered. Years 3 and 4 were given room plans with the scale of 1:10, which they then had to furnish with items from the leaflet they were given, all the time keeping their budget of £700 in mind. Year 1 practised their ruler skills by creating a Mondrian-like picture, whilst Year 2 enjoyed spending their play money on our bespoke fairground (a big thank you to our two helpers from the 6th Form). Year 7 investigated setting up their own ice-cream business, looking for the best prices at whole retailers, finding out set-up costs and running costs and trying to find reasonable prices for their ice-cream in order to make a profit, but still attract lots of customers. Year 8 did some experiments, noted down outcomes and then graphed their results. Year 10 were introduced to game theory and their cheering reverberated around the theatre. Year 5 braved the weather and went outside to pass on messages using flag semaphore. Year 9 invested their money into different kinds of stickers, but the stock market dictated the stickers’ worth at different stages and trading got harder and harder, seeing some companies making huge losses, whilst others were savvy enough to quickly sell and buy whatever was most profitable.