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School open for all year groups from Thursday 3rd September - Please see Coronavirus Situation for updates.

Les Trois Mousquetaires

On Friday the 11th October, the Years 4 to 8 had the opportunity to participate in a bilingual play entitled “Les trois mousquetaires” by Alexandre Dumas.

The actress (Emily Grant) is part of the Theatre Company “FreshWater”.

The children witnessed, and were engaged in, an enthusiastic and interactive telling of the tale of D’Artagnan. The story started with D’Artagnan as a young noble man leaving his parents with a few gold coins, an old yellow mare and a letter of recommendation. As he is making his journey to Paris to fulfil his dream and become a musketeer, the story started to unfold and the children shared the different turns that took D’Artagnan’s life until he became a musketeer.