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KS3 film trip to French Institute

On Friday 3rd December, Years 7-9 went on a French Trip to the French Institute to watch a French film called ‘Fahim’. Here is the plot of the movie:

Forced to flee his native Bangladesh, eight-year old chess prodigy Fahim arrives in Paris with his father. Refused asylum as illegal immigrants, they spiral downwards into homelessness and desperation. By a stroke of luck, Fahim is introduced to one of France’s top chess coaches, Sylvain, who tutors him and gives him a sense of purpose – his struggles on the chessboard mirroring both his victories and his crushing defeats in his battle for a normal life. This new sense of ‘feeling for others’ defining the relationship between Fahim & Sylvain allows both of them to change life for the best in an unexpected way.

This movie was part of the “Refugee Week” held in the French Institute in June. It allowed us to have an interesting talk about refugees and the world we live in.