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Jungle Books: the life of Rudyard Kipling

On Monday 27 June, Adam D’Souza gave an inspirational talk about Rudyard Kipling and the man he really was – a writer who could describe the atmosphere of a room in few words, a man who had suffered great tragedies in his life but conveyed joy and colour through his work.

Adam helped us understand British Indian history and described the contrast between Kipling’s early life in India with his very formal British life in England. He read us various extracts from Kipling’s best works, these were brought alive by various accents and children reading aloud. We also got to dine on various curry dishes.

Adam’s mother’s family is from India and he has things in common with Kipling which made the talk even more relevant.

Overall the mood was convivial and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was an interesting, fun and tasty evening for all.

Article by Imogen, Year 8