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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Impromptu Concert

On Friday afternoon, students from HCH put on an impromptu concert in the Main Hall. Year 1 sang Never Smile at a Crocodile with Rupert going on to perform a solo of the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. He did this a capella which, as the headmaster pointed out, is a very difficult thing to do. Year 2 sang confidently in French. The whole school enjoyed piano recitals from Cyrus in Year 4 and Vivian in Year 5 who played Pachelbel’s Canon beautifully. Some students chose to do more contemporary performances with Summer, Electra and Eleanor in Year 2 displaying some very modern dance moves.

The genre of theatre was not overlooked with Julie, Louis and Zacharie in Year 5 performing a dramatic comedy set in a doctor’s surgery, while Thea and Lily in Year 5 performed a sketch which displayed a strong Monty Python influence. Natasha, Avalon and Victoria in Year 7 did an interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood which had such a contemporary twist that possibly Charles Perrault the author would not recognise his own work!

Thane in Year 6 played the saxophone very well while other Middle Years students sang solos including Matthew, Amelia and Najeebah.
The Upper Years and Sixth Form also joined in with Alisa reading a poem, Alex playing the piano and Scarlett playing the guitar and singing.

It really was a great way to end the first week back at school.