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School and Early Years open as normal - See Coronavirus Situation.

Headmaster’s daily lockdown assemblies are launched as podcasts

HCH was not going to let lockdown stand in the way of the usual daily, inspirational assemblies led by Headmaster Guy Holloway. Now the 53 episodes are available as podcasts on all major platforms.

The assemblies cover a range of topics from sexism in language, the potential for a COVID-19 vaccine and the danger of using the term ‘I’m bored.’ The assemblies grew in popularity from their initial launch in March 2020 with links to each assembly receiving huge engagement on social media and reaching audiences far beyond the immediate school community.

Headmaster Guy Holloway said, ‘The assemblies were certainly not about me telling people something or lecturing. Instead, I wanted them to be an opportunity for families to discuss these topics at the breakfast table and in their interactions with friends and colleagues throughout the day. They were a chance for us a to create a lockdown diary, capturing a moment in time.’

The podcasts are now an opportunity for the assemblies to reach a global audience and take on new meaning beyond the lockdown.

For more information go to Spotify or Google Podcasts