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HCH’s Partnership with Reach Academy Feltham

Our partnership with Reach Academy Feltham, that enables teachers from both schools to connect and learn from each other, has been recognised on the national stage by the education magazine TES:

TES Awards shortlist revealed

Our community outreach has earned a nomination for community initiative of the year in the prestigious TES Independent Schools Awards and has also attracted the attention of specialist education newspaper Schools Week .

Adam D’Souza, the director of Form Seven at HCH, has facilitated the partnership. He explains: “There are so many opportunities to improve our teaching by sharing ideas with fellow teachers. I have learned techniques while visiting Reach Academy that I have brought back to my own classroom, and I hope that Reach’s teachers always discover something new every time they visit HCH.”

Teachers from Reach Academy are invited to learn new skills alongside colleagues from HCH by participating in our Form Seven programme, taking weekly evening classes in French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, fine art, sewing and ballet.

Jo Wells, a PE teacher at Reach Academy, said: “On Thursdays, I am often feeling ready for the weekend after a hectic week’s teaching. Often I would rather go home for an early night but I always stir my stumps for ballet and am always pleased that I did. It is a warm, relaxing environment where we challenge ourselves to try something new under the ever-encouraging eye of our tutor, Lauren. Without doubt, one of the highlights of my week!”

Ed Vainker, principal of Reach Academy, and a governor of HCH, added: “Seeing our staff buzzing with what they have learnt the night before is terrific. They are energised and having fun while at the same time learning and re-connecting with the experience of being a pupil, which I know is improving their teaching. We are grateful to the team at Hampton Court House for their generosity and look forward to further collaboration in the future.”

The headmaster of Hampton Court House, notes: “All of us at Hampton Court House are proud of our continuing partnership with inspirational Reach Academy. Our Form Seven evening classes provide an additional platform for our respective teachers to further their knowledge and indeed to socialise and share excellent practice.”