Roy HeadeyDMS

  • Director of Sports
  • Sport & PE
Age Groups
  • Lower Years
  • Early Years
  • Middle Years
  • Upper Years
  • Sixth Form

Before joining HCH, Roy was Performance Director for the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee (SAOC) where he developed the Kingdom’s elite sport strategy, and coached the national rugby team. He is still consulting for the SAOC on a number of projects.

He is a Non-Executive Director of Welsh Weightlifting, an expert panel member at Sport Resolutions UK, guest lecturer at St Mary’s University and is currently editing a sports nutrition book.

Prior to working in Saudi, Roy was Performance Director at British Gymnastics and before that he was the Head of Sports Science & Medicine at the Rugby Football Union during England’s most successful period. His work on the conditioning and medical care for the England age-group teams transformed them from chronic under-achievers into recurrent finalists at the Junior Rugby World Cup.

His other professional and non-executive roles include:
Earlier in his career with the GB Sports Council he spent six years as Head of Facilities and Planning in Greater London where he was responsible for managing the Sports Council’s capital investments in London and protecting sports facilities via the statutory land-use planning process.
Meeting four focus groups of Hampton Court House pupils, to listen to their ambitions and opinions about sport, was the greatest influence on his wanting to come on board: “The clarity with which they talked about their passion for sport and the common sense behind their suggestions, made me want to be part of their journey.”