Milena FilipovicBSc MSc

  • Computer Science
Age Groups
  • Middle Years
  • Upper Years

Milena was born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, where she grew up and completed her secondary education. In 1992, upon the outbreak of the civil war, Milena moved first to Belgrade and then to Bologna, Italy, after winning a scholarship to study Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Bologna.

After receiving a master’s in Telecommunication Engineering, Milena worked for 12 years for two major international wireless telecommunication companies in a multicultural environment on a range of activities from research and development to testing and optimising 3G radio networks.

Milena trained as a computer science teacher in the UK and thrives on bringing her skills and knowledge gained in the industry into the classroom.

Other interests include mountaineering, whether it is hiking, rock climbing or skiing, reading, music, baking and spending time with her family.