Gerry CirilloMA PGCE

  • Head of English
  • English
Age Groups
  • Middle Years
  • Upper Years
  • Sixth Form

Gerry grew up bilingually in Italian and English. He gained his PGCE in 2000 after having taught English abroad for 11 years including postings in Italy, Greece and Egypt. He has taught students to GCSE, A Level and beyond. A firm believer in teaching language and grammar through literature and drama, Gerry is keen on the stage, cinema and television writing and the value of these in assisting all round learning. He has also taught media studies, drama and history during his career. Gerry has an avid interest in Dante, Shakespeare and art history. He is experienced in coaching pupils for public speaking and in directing pupils for Shakespeare productions. Gerry also enjoyed chatting and sharing a hubbly bubbly with the ex-President of the Sudan during his time in Cairo.