Eliana, Lady Houstoun-BoswallISIT (Paris)

  • Founder & Proprietor

Eliana is the principal founder of Hampton Court House and the former founder and Headmistress of the Harrodian. Eliana studied French and Russian Linguistics at Georgetown University and obtained a postgraduate degree at the Ecole d’Interprètes at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her first job was teaching English as a foreign language at West London College. Eliana’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination have carried her on a journey starting with property development and restoration in London, New York and France and culminating in her dream of creating a school for “children like [her] own”.

Eliana’s first experience of school management was with Merlin School in Putney which she purchased with her husband. A few years later they purchased the grounds of the Harrodian Club and established the Harrodian School, where Eliana was founding Headmistress from 1993 to 1996. During her time there the pupil numbers grew to 250. She acquired Hampton Court House in 1998 and refurbished it as a school in September 2001.