Coco Cuiping GuBSc

  • Head of Languages
  • Mandarin
Age Groups
  • Middle Years
  • Upper Years

After graduating from Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology in China in 2001, Coco went to Germany to study chemistry. She then started helping her German friends learning Chinese. Coco enjoyed teaching Mandarin so much that she began working as a part-time Chinese teacher when she moved to the UK in 2003. Now, Coco is a qualified Senior Grade Chinese Language teacher with experience working with students aged from 1 to 60. Coco is not only enthusiastic about the Chinese language but also very keen on introducing Chinese culture and traditions to her students. Coco is able to deliver informative, creative and fun packed Mandarin lessons to children at all ages – she is very excited about teaching Year 5 to Year 9 at Hampton Court House and also teaches adults as part of Form Seven.