Claire WeberMA

  • Director of Studies
  • French, Mathematics & Drama
Age Groups
  • Lower Years
  • Early Years

Claire was educated in France, she holds two Masters’ Degrees, one in English Literature and Culture and another in Teaching French as a Foreign Language. She taught French to foreign students for two years at the Languages University in Angers (France) before arriving at HCH in September 2008. Fascinated by teaching and passionate about children’s social and language development, Claire started a PhD in Didactics of Languages and Cultures at the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle de Paris III in September 2011.

Besides her teaching at Hampton Court House, she observes and films French lessons in the Lower Years and Middle Years, and analyzes the discourse of teachers to find answers for her research entitled: “Role of routines and role play in the language socialization of children within the language classes.” She has presented part of her research on various occasions at symposia in Paris and in London.

In her free time, along with travelling, Claire is a real art enthusiast, loves painting and is a keen reader.