Anthony RobinetMA

  • Year 2 Form Tutor
  • French
Age Groups
  • Lower Years
  • Early Years
  • Middle Years
  • Upper Years

Anthony was born in France. He grew up and studied there with always a huge interest in languages and especially English. Once he obtained his international baccalaureate, he went to university to study English. He holds an English LLCE (Langues, Littératures et Civilisations Étrangères) degree in order to become a teacher. After his years at university, Anthony decided to move to England and start a new experience as a French language assistant in a school. He stayed two years in a school and gained experience in teaching French. He has now decided to stay in UK in order to become a French teacher there. He developed a great interest in teaching his native language and the English educational system. Anthony loves travelling and spent a year discovering UK, its culture and landscapes. His teaching career has just started but he is very professional and motivated.