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HCH wins in 4 categories in the ISA London South Art Competition

We are thrilled with the results of the 2020 ISA London South Art competition. Hampton Court House entered 6 categories, we were placed in all of them and won 4 of them! The ISA National Art Competition is held annually. It is a wonderful opportunity for schools to showcase their pupils’ art and for teachers to share best practice and ideas. There are dozens of classes to cover different age groups and genres, from 2D art, through to fashion and photography.

Here are the results in full as well as some examples of the artwork:

2D Individual KS3 Joint Runner Up
Campbell Y8, ‘Night time Landscape’

2D Individual KS4 Runner Up
Polina Year 12, ‘Maria’

Highly Commended
Maria Y11, Self Portrait

Art 3D Individual KS4 Winner
Amy Y11, Octopus

Sketchbook Key Stage 3 and 4 Winner
Avalon Y11

Joint Runner Up
Maria Y11

Highly Commended
Amy Y11

Photography Key Stage 3 and 4 Winner
Hope Y10

Highly Commended
Alex Y10, ‘Pop’
Thane Y10, Seed Head Photogram

Drawing Key Stage 4 Winner
Maria Y11, Self Portrait in Oil Pastel