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HCH welcomes Bob Wigley- author of ‘Born Digital’

On Tuesday evening the HCH community welcomed renowned author Bob Wigley to discuss the prevalent topic of screen time and social media.
Bob is former EMEA Chairman of Merrill Lynch and was a member of the board of the Bank of England during the 2008 financial crisis.
Bob also sits on the UK’s Economic Crime Strategic Board which is Co-Chaired by the Chancellor and the Home Secretary.

Bob’s captivating book; Born Digital: The story of a distracted generation, delves into the impact technology has on ‘gen Z’ those young people for whom technology is a continuum of their day to day relationships and interactions, the so called ‘digital natives’ in society.

Bob spoke of the alarming statistics and research into technology and screen time and its relationship with poor sleep quality, lack of community and lack of empathy as well as the more ‘obvious’ threats to the safety and wellbeing of young people in our community. The enagaging talk was followed by a Q&A, skillfully moderated by HCH Headmaster, Adrian Rainbow.

We encourage our community to read Born Digital as we continue the dicsussion about devices, technology and screen time, in and out of school.