5 February 2024

HCH Unveils New School Bus Library: A Literary Haven for Courtiers

Chloe Fabregas

Head of English, Year 10 Form Tutor

In a delightful celebration of National Storytelling Week, Twickenham MP Munira Wilson inaugurated our innovative new library on wheels on Thursday 1st February.


As part of the festivities, MP Munira Wilson engaged with HCH students, sharing her insights on the importance of fostering a love for reading. She officially cut the ribbon on the freshly renovated School Bus Library and embarked on a tour of the school, expressing her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “It is so important to nurture that joy and love of reading. I hope this library bus is an exciting place to go and discover new books and new adventures.”

Kate  revealed that the idea for a new library had been in the works for some time. While each classroom has a mini library, the school community wanted a dedicated space where students could freely indulge in the pleasure of reading and enhance their learning experience. The student council proposed the ingenious idea of a pink bus for the library. After careful research, HCH acquired an old double-decker bus, which the school’s builders team transformed into a cozy reading haven.

The interior of the bus has been outfitted with bookcases, bean bags, cushions, and a touch of magic with fairy lights, creating an inviting atmosphere for children to visit during breaks and within school hours. Although mobile, the library is now permanently stationed outside the school’s Science laboratories and Humanities block.

Kate emphasised the inclusivity of the library, stating, “There are now books suitable for all year groups on the bus, and we are confident the space will be well-used by the whole school community.” Kate reiterated the school’s ethos, emphasising that students are co-pilots, not passengers, in everything we do.

Kate extended gratitude to the Friends of HCH for their book sponsorship, Chloe, Head of English, for organising book collections, and the builders for turning our students’ vision into reality. The library project received sponsorship and funds from Dukes Education.